Cargo carriers

Company VGP, one of the recognized leaders in the market of sanitary and hygienic products (Tissue) in Ukraine, welcomes cargo carriers to establish a long-lasting cooperation.

Requirements to transport vehicles: tilt-covered, closed or insulated, body space of 30-120 cubic meters and lifting capacity of 3-15 tons, dry cargo body without foreign odours.

Basic routes:

  • in Ukraine - from Lutsk to most regional centres;
  • import – Russia, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Sweden;
  • export – Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan.

Information on current freight and vehicle offers is available on our Lardi page. You can fill in the application form or submit your own offer. Also you can get acquainted with our typical contracts of carriage (international, Ukraine- carrier, Ukraine-freight forwarder), as well as upload your own details and registration documents.

We also provide cargo transportation services using our own transport vehicles with a capacity of 35-120 cubic meters and a lifting capacity of 3-15 tons.

Contact us

Mobile: + 38-050-378-93-93

Phone/fax: + 38-0332-789-135-118