Newspaper Day. Interview General Director of JSC "VGP"

"The fact that Ukraine is profitable, and beneficial to us"

Last week the company JSC "VGP" launched a new production line for toilet paper and paper towels. Modernization of production held in partnership with the world leader in machinery for the paper industry - the Italian company Gambini. As one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market with the production of goods hygiene and paper napkins in the segment - and undisputed leader, "VGP" plans to increase its production four times, and the present Ukrainian, and not just consumer paper towels that, as demonstrated attend the presentation of the new line journalists are able to absorb and retain moisture seven times greater than its own weight.
In Volyn products with the trademark "Ruta" is quite known and popular, and it is interesting that paper napkins and towels, and toilet paper from Lutsk actively marketed throughout Ukraine. In addition, the company holds a significant segment in providing these products residents of Belarus and Moldova, as well as Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkmenistan and other former Soviet republics.
However, importantly, quietly sold products "Ruth" in neighboring Ukraine Western Europe in particular was quite successful sales in Hungary and Germany. But they were made for ... other brands through private companies.
In view of the foregoing, CEO of JSC "VGP" Ilya Miretskiy, in our opinion, is a very good expert in the prospects of the implementation of the FTA with the EU. We put some questions to Mr Miretskiy who recently articulated the newspaper: the Ukrainian business is ready to help the country make his move.
- Do you support as a possible entrepreneur Ukraine signed the Agreement with the European Union?
- We, businessmen, position is very simple: if this agreement Ukraine will benefit, for it will benefit not only politically but also economically, why Ukrainian businessmen not to support it? We conduct our business in this country, and are not going to leave her.
- There is much talk about the historical significance of the so-called package of European integration laws. If it is implemented, it will mean that for your company - you will work harder, easier?
- I am very hard to talk about it now, because currently consequences can not believe no one expected. To estimate the value of this package for Ukraine - is probably not the right business and strategic management of the state. In general, our position is very simple: if the adoption of this package will benefit businesses, and therefore the state, then we will support it. But no law, there are only intentions. So the question is not so business as politics.
- Are you in the business a long time, and have some experience. Your company takes a certain segment of the market of articles for sanitary purposes and is known in many countries of the former Soviet Union. But you make business in Volyn. How has the business climate in our region, was the best, the worst?
- I can not say that the business situation worsened, but it radically changed business environment has become more competitive. Markets Developing and even us, a company with extensive experience and its niche in the market, we have much more work to stay at that level, which now must be to move on. Actually, we do want to be leaders in the production, build it, get new markets, so we have to take care of themselves on their reputation. But we have a lot of competition not only in Ukraine but also in countries which export their products. This is despite the fact that the production of paper napkins segment we are the leader in Ukraine, as in other positions - in the first rows. Regarding relations with the local authorities, then, I think, will always have the support of one entrepreneur who invests in the Ukrainian economy, adds to the local budget.
We are not striving with their goods to Europe, although it meets all the standards that would do it. In Europe, the market is saturated without us. So now we see a strategic market for a Ukraine that Ukrainian consumers have the opportunity to purchase products European level. Also -Russia and Kazakhstan, other countries of the former Soviet Union, for opportunities to develop our production through this market segment for us promising issued.
Log in Europe with its brand is not easy. So we have enough experience of successful sales of our product in European countries, but not currently have the capacity to continue this, so to speak, further expansion. We produce a quality product with natural ingredients, but with fierce competition for Europe that, unfortunately, not enough.
- To expand their production, you have found an investor who represents the manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. Whether willingly goes investor in Ukraine today?
- The process of negotiations lasted over two years, but ended as we see good investment in our company. From experience I know or come to our investor Ukraine depends not only on the general investment climate in the country, but also on the individual entrepreneur, with whom we are in talks. Countries are many, among them ideal for investment, and therefore Ukraine attracts European investors as well as other countries.
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