All Retail. By the opening of a new production line rolled products of JSC "VGP"

TM Ruta launches new production line Gambini

Modernization of production facilities of PJSC "VGP" increase the production of paper products for sanitary purposes in more than four times that range from 16 to 20 million rolls each month, and will release the Ukrainian market of paper towels, able to retain moisture 7 times its own weight .
12 September CEO of PJSC "VGP" (TM Ruta) Ilya Miretskiy solemnly cut the ribbon and launched the new line of work Gambini the production of toilet paper and paper towels Ruta. Also at the event was attended by director of production of PJSC "VGP" Valery Corner, commercial director of JSC "VGP" Yuri Oryshko, marketing director of JSC "VGP" Vladislav Miretskiy and Managing Director of private equity Dragon Capital Andrew Sock.
"Our company takes the leading position in the production of paper products for sanitary purposes and for us it is important to constantly contribute to the improvement of product quality and to improve business processes in the enterprise. Therefore, in 2012 JSC "VGP" modernized production of table napkins, now invested in opening new production facilities more than 8 million. Dollars. Now the overall performance of the company will be about 2,000 tons of paper per month. In the nearest plans of the company - production of new improved products and increased market share in Ukraine and the CIS ", - said opening general director of JSC" VGP "(TM Ruta) Ilya Miretskiy.
Also, this line will be releasing a number of new products that provide consumers the opportunity to save when buying packages of large formats. In addition, the plans of JSC "VGP" - for the market launch of the new format to 12 and 16 rolls of toilet paper, and for major retailers - release package in 24 roll.
Modernization of JSC "VGP" realized in partnership with a world leader in machinery for the paper industry - the Italian company Gambini. The peculiarity of the new technology is that the line allows for a relatively short period of time to move from product to product and save this to 50% of the production time. Analogues of this equipment is currently not in Ukraine. Despite the fact that some domestic producers Ukraine and abroad already use this equipment producer, line JSC "VGP" represents a new generation of power that have been designed exclusively to meet the needs of the enterprise, as well as using the latest technology.
As a result of cooperation between engineers JSC "VGP" Representatives of Gambini developed a new mechanism for stamping - know-how in the production of rolled products. With this technology towel Ruta Selecta, produced on the new line, able to retain moisture 7 times its own weight. This innovative product for the Ukrainian market. Three toilet paper in the same sub-brand will be manufactured by technology soft-top, which allows you to make the product soft to the touch, but the extent necessary durable.
In addition, the shelves of the major networks you will see a large package of paper towels called Ruta MAX, represented as one large roll containing 7 ordinary paper towel rolls. This is a new product for Ukraine, which is gaining popularity in the country.
Products manufactured at the new facilities will go under the brand Ruta. Production Premium will be under the sub-brand Ruta Selecta.